Albert Candari

Chief Experience Officer

The penalty of design and product leadership

When you are a true product and design leader, you challenge the status quo, the norm, and the populous opinion. This journey can be hard, lonely, and has its penalties: being criticized by detractors, questioned by popular opinions, and challenged in all different directions including your own organization. This talk will focus on the strategies on how to achieve true product and design leadership in your organization. Albert will share the difference between status quo and world-class product and design leadership, including the pitfalls of leadership and how to avoid them. The path to something outstanding is always uphill, but like anything great in this world, it will be worth the effort.

About Albert

Albert Candari is a Co-Founder of Spiff, a FinTech startup in Utah, where he serves as Chief Experience Officer, responsible for product and design. Since its founding in 2018, Spiff has maintained a strong trajectory with an average growth of 700% in company revenue, team size, and valuation. Previously, Albert led the Product Design organization for Instructure, leading to its successful IPO. His team was instrumental in crafting flagship SaaS products for Instructure, focusing on innovating learning and performance management. Passionate about breaking the cycle of poverty that he witnessed in his childhood, Albert now spearheads the “Spiff Up” initiative, pledging 1% of the company’s revenue to philanthropy around the world.

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