Amy Lokey

SVP, Global Head of Design

Creating design in the Enterprise: The ServiceNow design journey

As a product leader, you speak the language of outcomes and realize the value of design in achieving product experiences that people will love. But what to do when there is no design function at your rapidly growing company? You showcase the power of design thinking in products you create. You learn from and work closely with the founder, who becomes your mentor. You take on the challenge to build a design function from the ground up. As demand for thoughtfully designed products increases, you purchase a design agency to accelerate the company-wide transformation. You create a design culture, and a studio to celebrate the creative, quirky, and down-to-earth team values. A vision takes hold on how to truly design at scale, platform-first. In time, all products across the company, now 10 times larger, are imbued with design teams, working together and contributing to a maturing design system. Coming back to the decades-old Platform UI, you lead a talented cross-functional team to deliver ServiceNow’s reimagined, all-new platform experience to thousands of the worlds largest companies: The Next Experience

About Amy

Amy was previously head of the User Experience team for G Suite – Google's cloud-based applications for consumers, education and enterprise, including Gmail, Drive, Docs and Calendar. Prior to Google, Amy was head of User Experience for LinkedIn, across consumer and enterprise solutions. Amy helped grow LinkedIn’s business and product platform from startup, through IPO, to one of the largest tech company acquisitions by Microsoft.

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