Amy Worthington

Group Product Manager
Bamboo HR

Avoiding the pitfalls of the MVP mindset

We're often told as Product Teams to focus on creating the most minimally viable product we can while also prioritizing customer needs. We don't talk often enough about the times when our attempts at being scrappy have gotten in the way, and end up costing us more time, more re-work, and unnecessary pain for both customers and internal teams.

This case study will cover pitfalls that are easy to fall into when you're driven to learn quickly, the steps you can take up front to avoid those gotchas, as well as the key ways to ensure that you're intentional with your yeses, and relentless with your no's when prioritizing what you will and won't build for your customers.

About Amy

Amy Worthington's passion in life is people. Having worked for both corporate businesses and nonprofits, her desire to elevate, empower, and enable others has led her to a variety of rich experiences that have given her deep empathy for people from all walks of life.

As a Group Product Manager at BambooHR, Amy leads the team focused on creating a refreshing payroll solution that offers insight, efficiency, and confidence to individuals who have spent years stuck in spreadsheets and archaic software.

Amy is a native Utahn who enjoys skiing the slopes of Alta, traveling the world, photography, hot baths, and dark chocolate.

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