2018 speakers

2018 speakers

Ben Peck

Product Design Manager

Strong opinions loosely held, design rules versus guidelines 

We’ve all walked into the meeting that eventually a conversation comes up where two parties have very differing opinions, both with very valid points and reasoning. We’re faced with the dilemma of who own’s the decision. We find ourselves justifying a decision based off a set of principles and priorities. Not an uncommon story.

Balancing the needs of the users, business, team and yourself is certainly a challenge. As designers we’re naturally wired to defend and create for the needs of the user. Business…wants to stay in business, and Development…wants to build amazing forward thinking technology while not drowning its own debt. Lets talk about how we can build amazing products without coming to a stalemate with every conversation.

About Ben

Ben is a Product Design Director at Jane coming from over a decade of design experience working with software companies that have partnered with brands such as Nike, The North Face, Oakley, Under Armour, and Sonos. Ben is focused on designing Jane’s software and products to significantly impact the user experience needs of our consumers and sellers. Ben is also the cofounder of the Front Conference, a product design and management conference held in Utah which is on it 4rd year, as well as the Director of Product Hive with over 3,000+ product designers and product managers.

Join us at the Front!

In it's 5th year, Front is a sell-out event, with 1,000 annual attendees from 5 countries and 31 states across the US. Join us at the Front to share, learn, and be inspired to create amazing products.