2018 speakers

2018 speakers

Brian Crofts

Chief Product Officer

The modern product team

UX Designers and Product Managers roles and responsibilities are blurring today more than ever. You can often find a Designer writing JIRA requirements or a Product Manager wireframing a new feature. Ultimately both parties want the best product, but sometimes there’s a bit of friction along the way. We’re on the same team so why doesn’t it feel that way? We’ll discuss the evolution of these roles, their intersection and how to move past the discomfort to ultimately create the best experience for our customers.

About Brian

Brian Crofts, Chief Product Officer at Pendo, brings his passion for finance as the former Director of Product at Quickbooks, and Product Manager for TurboTax. Brians drive for innovation and his ability to see things differently led Quickbooks to expand Intuits accounting and payroll solutions to over 1.5M users. His need to understand customer behavior set TurboTax leagues apart from previous tax solutions. Brian will explain how observation, communication and good data are the pillars of creating a good product experience.

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