2018 speakers

Chetana Deorah

Design Director

Leading from compulsion to compassion

The modern-day workplace is getting to be demanding and we as humans continue to demand more from ourselves. Both emerging and seasoned leaders are continuously faced with choices and decisions to make. How we make these decisions impacts our teams, our work, and, most importantly, has a significant impact on our self. Outside of being a parent, being a leader is perhaps the only other role that comes with its fair share of freedom and responsibility.

Who or what inspires you to lead? How aware are you to show up as the leader you want to be? Is there a practice or ritual to bring about an authentic, compelling, yet sustainable way to lead? Given her own upbringing as an Indian-American amidst a culture of tolerance and respect, she thrives in the diversity of thought and action. Drawing from her own personal and professional experiences, Chetana’s talk will explore what it means to lead from within and how the current workplace makes it difficult to do so. How our cultural and personal values intersect with who we are as leaders. What drives someone to lead compulsively?

Let’s explore following yourself and to lead from a place of compulsion to compassion.

About Chetana

Chetana Deorah is a product design leader and mentor who helps empower human-centered design to achieve high-impact business goals. Most recently, as Design Director at Netflix, she led product design for global acquisition & growth with a focus on emerging markets.

Before that, she was at Yahoo, Scribd, Betfair, Pivotal Labs, and Pentagram. As an Indian-American, Chetana brings a rich diversity of ideas and influences fostering a culture of product innovation, inclusion, compassionate leadership, and effective communication.

When not building digital experiences, she volunteers her time in design education with Interact Project and DesignLab. She is a certified Hatha yoga teacher and pursues projects on well-being with non-profit organizations Sri Aurobindo Society & Isha Foundation.

Chetana's analog interests include dabbling in visual poetry, experiments with vegetarian cooking and travel.

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