Drew Bridewell

Head of Product and Design

Take a deep breath—lets talk about the power of design intention

"Focus on the people, empower the community, the bring intention and context into all that we do". This past year placed a magnifying glass on what matters most to each of us. Family, careers, joy, and life fulfillment. Whether you're a seasoned pro, or just getting into product and design you'll learn fast that without strong peer building networks, community, and support the pursuit of life fulfillment can feel like a lonesome path. However, it's 2022 and we live in an age of a technology boom, so many tools, so many opportunities, with limitless potential.

In this talk, Drew will reflect on the evolution of GrowthDay, a 2021 Startup that was founded to help bring personal development to the world through the use of tools, community, and life coaching. Built and founded during COVID, GrowthDay is a cross-platform personal development app. Led by world-renown 3-time New York Times bestselling author and High-performance coach, and CEO Brendon Burchard. GrowthDay had 20 years of research and has been serving the community without an app. You'll see what's possible in 1 year with great intention, responsibility, and empowerment.

Drew will also uncover the power of how rituals and routines played into the early success of this platform. Drew will also discuss how he leveraged his training and development platform Next Level UX to develop frameworks around the most important areas of focus when building new companies, teams, and relationships while manifesting a rich learning and high-performance culture.

About Drew

Drew Bridewell is an experienced product and design leader, founder, and certified high-performance coach who is passionate about empowering and inspiring the makers of the world through intentional design. Most recently Drew is Head of Design and Product at GrowthDay, a startup bringing together world-class research-backed personal development tools, community, and Life coaching by the world's experts in personal development. He founded Next Level UX in 2020 after a career-focused in learning and development products. During his time at Facebook, he built 3, 0-1 products focused on performance management, to serve and empower the growth of Facebook's 50k employees and 10k+ managers. Drew also founded the design transformation team previously at InVision, where he studied and taught design systems across the world, mapping hundreds of the world's best teams processes and systems and finding the opportunities to enhance their design maturity. He also lead enterprise efforts for Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning and delivered Lynda.com's very first responsive cross-platform application. He hosts Practical UX Weekly on LinkedIn Learning and coaches at the Stanford d.school ME216 program. Drew has over 15 years in the tech industry and has made it his purpose to empower and champion the makers of the world through intentional design.

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