2018 speakers

Elaine Chao

Product Manager

Scaling Decisions as a Product Team

What happens when your team gets really big? In this talk, Elaine tells the story of how the Adobe XD product management team scaled decisions for a recently-released feature that cut across almost the entire product. From processes to values, specific challenges to behavioral analysis, this case study covers how a product team can pull together to make decisions that are coherent to a system at scale.

About Elaine

Elaine Chao is a Sr. Product Manager on Adobe XD in San Francisco, CA. In her 14-year tenure at Adobe, she’s worked as an product manager and engineer on a variety of products geared toward designers and web producers, including the Flash platform, Edge Animate, and Dreamweaver. Elaine is also a martial arts instructor, musician, writer, volunteerism advocate, and an Adobe Founders Award winner. You can find her online tweeting and blogging on Medium as @elainecchao.

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