2018 speakers

2018 speakers

Eli Woolery

Director of Design Education

Principles & practice

We live in a world where extremes are easy (and often praised) and balance is hard (and often seen as unglamorous). Many modern Designers and Product Managers find themselves aligning towards workflow extremes that are actually productivity traps. Ever found yourself pontificating over core principles while day-to-day projects fall dangerously behind? Ever become pre-occupied with your tools/systems only to find that you haven’t solved any real problems for your users at the end of the day?

In this talk Stephen and Eli will explore the balance to be made between these extremes. They’ll talk about how to detect warning signs of extremism, becoming aware of subconscious biases in your workflow today, and how to challenge established paradigms to drive to a healthier, more productive work day for both you and your team.

About Eli

Eli Woolery is the Director of Design Education at InVision. His design career spans both physical and digital products, and he has worked with companies ranging from startups (his own and others) to Fortune 500 companies. In addition to his background in product and industrial design, he’s been a professional photographer and filmmaker. He teaches the senior capstone class Implementation to undergraduate Product Designers at Stanford University.

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