2018 speakers

Emily Campbell

Sr. Design Specialist

Designing for impact: The shape and strategy of design maturity

Design is at a pivotal moment. Our influence within the business is growing, our skills are in higher demand as problems grow more complex, and companies across size and industries are asking themselves: how do we increase the impact of design?

This talk will explore the drivers of design maturity through the lens of research, drawing from two major reports released last year, and from direct experience, looking at how highly design-mature companies manage, evangelize, and practice design. I’ll explore the levers that have the most direct impact on design influence, and the way organizations are leaning into their people and practices to get there.

About Emily

Emily Campbell is a Senior Design Specialist on InVision’s Design Transformation team, where she helps design teams and leaders mature their practices and increase their impact through workshops, inclusive presentations, co-creation, and coaching. Previously, she helped fortune 100 companies reshape the way they design learning and professional development at their organizations as enterprise design and product lead for Degreed, and grew the design practice at HackerRank from its inception to supporting over a million users. She focuses on human-centered design, translating creative strategy into business impact, building a culture of leadership, and collaborating across disciplines.

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