Ha Phan

Director of Discovery Products

Building products powered by machine learning

Machine Learning and AI have become buzzwords in recent years. Most software products we build today are deterministic models. In such a model, what’s presented in the experience is fixed and predetermined by humans. In products that utilize machine learning, predictive technology determines what is presented. This is a probabilistic model where the likelihood that something is relevant or likely to be right, is scored or ranked. For example, just because you enter a query and get search results, doesn’t mean that the results are good. The UX of such an experience is not based on design, but on the predictive machine features. From this point of view, a product team working on machine learning capabilities operates differently from the traditional product development model.

In this talk, Ha will share some common themes on machine learning products – from ideation to operationalizing machine learning. She will utilize examples from her experience building a search platform at Pluralsight, and working on computer vision and machine learning R&D projects at GoPro.

About Ha

Ha Phan has been working on Machine Learning and AI projects since 2015. She earned 11 patents at GoPro for her work on machine assisted video editing and the post-capture experience for 360 videos which informed the vision for the Fusion camera. Ha is a UX Designer turned Product leader. She previously led Discovery products at Pluralsight, growing the team that built a home-grown search platform from scratch.

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