2018 speakers

Helen Keighron

Director of Product Design

Crossing the Knowing-Doing Gap: Build Your Team OS to Slay Alignment and Execution Challenges

Leaders are expected to provide strong vision that propels the business into the future, but we don’t always spend enough time under the hood doing the less glamorous work of tuning up the systems that allow teams to make progress together. We see the future, we know the right things to do for our customers, but why is it so hard to get everyone there, especially at scale?

We will explore the unspoken hierarchy of needs in a team and the interplay between priorities, habits, and systems. I’ll also share concrete examples of the way HubSpot’s design organization tackles creating strong operating systems that allow over 170 autonomous teams to translate vision into action. Whether you are the most senior leader at your company or an individual contributor, you can play a role in helping your team get serious about building systems that enable meaningful motion.

About Helen

Over the past 20 years, Helen has launched and scaled high-performing, diverse design teams in environments from design agencies to high growth SaaS companies. She currently leads a large, global multi-disciplinary team of product designers, content designers and researchers at HubSpot, a SaaS platform enabling businesses to grow through their customer-centric inbound marketing, sales, and customer service practices.

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