Ingrid Cruz

Head of Product Design

Growth: It’s all fun and games until the wheels fall off

If you've spent more than three minutes on LinkedIn lately, you've probably noticed that every team seems to be 'growing like crazy!'. But growth can be a chaotic and frustrating experience depending on how well you prepare for it. What do you do when you find yourself knee-deep in projects that are overlapping, with unclear priorities and ownership—and come to the panic-inducing realization that you're at risk of delivering a severely disjointed product experience? Oh, and let's not forget that the team is growing, and you'll soon have to do the same acrobatics with twice the people.

Ingrid will share her experience navigating through the challenge (and opportunity!) of rapid growth at Ivanti and FullStory. How do you establish a clear design vision and strategy for a portfolio of 50+ products? How do you continue to execute well as a team when you double in size in a short amount of time? How do you align your own career development with opportunities that arise in a high-growth environment? By recognizing the challenges that accompany growth and having the tools to address them, you and your team can adapt, thrive, and do great work during seasons of constant change.

About Ingrid

Ingrid Cruz is a people-focused product and design leader who has extensive experience leading high-performing teams and organizations through the rollercoaster of hyper-growth and large-scale acquisitions. She is currently the Head of Product Design at FullStory, a company whose mission is to help product teams craft a more perfect digital experience.

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