Jared Lewandowski

Design Executive

Are we there yet? Why design strategy matters

Like any other department in an organization, design needs a strategy. A clear path forward, with a shared goal, and the ability to measure progress along the way. This strategy also needs to align with the rest of the organization to ensure we are not only delivering the right products and services, but we are also delivering joy and delight.

I'm excited to share with you a design strategy framework I've found to be most successful, and the rise of UX metrics and outcome-driven products, in a recent case study from my current leadership role in crypto at Okcoin.

About Jared

Jared is an experience designer, researcher, and strategist, helping people around the world get into crypto at Okcoin (we are hiring!). Infusing a variety of agile and research-based methods to discover, define, align, and accelerate growth for both large and small organizations while building highly efficient, inclusive, and innovative teams and cultures.

He is also a mentor at ADPList; a member of Design Leadership Forum, Bureau of Digital, and Leaders of Awesomeness; and is founder of SmartGrip Golf.

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