Jay Fichialos

VP, Design
Progressive Leasing

Cultivating a research mindset

Research can be scary. But the change in perspective that happens after you spend time connecting with customers is powerful, and the truths you learn are worth it. We're going to talk about how to bring more of that power to your work and maybe make it a little less scary. I like to call it the research mindset. It helps create new understanding about what’s possible, it provides insights to make a product better, and it helps guide and build momentum.

Join me as I talk about discovery work at Travelocity, Ancestry, Bluehost, and other organizations. You’ll learn how to conduct research that delivers results, changes behavior, and creates a research mindset within your organization.

About Jay

Jay Fichialos leads the Asurion Design Group, a team tasked with defining the future of insurance and warranty services. He’s passionate about the psychology of Design and builds organizations that are known for using Design Thinking to innovate and inspire change. Prior to joining Asurion he helped build User Experience organizations at Alliance Health, Ancestry and Travelocity.

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