2018 speakers

Jeff Whitlock


Slaying Giants: What Enterprises Can Learn From Startups about Product Decision Making

Every company has a different process for making product decisions. What to build? What not to build? In what order? How to build it? How does it work?

Startups have less money, talent, and expertise than established companies, but they sometimes win. How? Two reasons: speed and flexibility. And decision making is a critical ingredient in a startup’s speed and flexibility.

This presentation will explore key lessons of product decision making at startups and provide ideas for how you can implement these lessons at established companies.

About Jeff

Jeff began his career at McKinsey & Co., a global management consulting firm. He became a product manager at Vivint.SmartHome for a machine learning capability and then the redesign of Vivint’s consumer mobile app. He was then head of product at Safeboda, a series-B ride-sharing company for motorcycle taxis. Now, Jeff is the CEO and Co-founder of Unbird, a Techstars company with the mission of helping teams build products their customers love.

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