Joseph Draschil

Product & Customer Experiece
Previously GM, Prenda

Barnacles are killing your product team's flow

You’ve done it! Your company has organized product into autonomous, empowered teams staffed with a PM, UX, and Engineering. You’ve fully adopted human-centered research and design practices, and are continuously delivering releases to production. So how come your beautiful, theme-based product roadmap is moving so slowly? Why does it still seem to take so long to get from understanding the customer’s pain point to actually solving that pain point in the product?

In this talk, Joseph will help answer why most of our product work is actually bigger, slower, and less outcome-based than we realize. He’ll draw from his experience leading product in a B2B2C environment with billion-dollars clients and hundreds of thousands of end customers, as he shares the simple, but powerful practice that can help your product team start consistently delivering customer value within days, rather than weeks or months.

About Joseph

Joseph Draschil is an experienced product and customer experience leader, who is passionate about building high-performing teams and creating transformational experiences for customers.

Most recently, Joseph led the "Prenda Family" business unit at Prenda, where he also served as Head of Customer Services.

Previously, Joseph served as Vice President of Product and Customer Experience at DirectScale, a software solution for the Direct Selling industry. He is an original organizer and current board member of Product Hive, a non-profit community of 6000+ designers and product managers in Utah.

Joseph has written for Entrepreneur.com, participated in the business incubator Start-Up Chile, and holds an MBA from Babson College in entrepreneurship and innovation. He is also an improv comedian at ComedySportz in Provo.

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