2018 speakers

Kaela Worthen

Group Product Manager

What do you do when no one cares about your product? How we turned Podium’s Feedback tool from a failing beta to a successful launch

When I joined Podium, our Feedback tool was in a precarious state. As one sales VP explained, "The percentage of customers we could sell this to is in the single digits.” There were discussions of killing the product completely. Six months later, we launched it publicly to all customers, and it went on to sell millions in the following year. Here’s how we got there, and how you can too.

With most products, there can be many obstacles to product-market fit:

  • Wrong product
  • Wrong market
  • Wrong message

I’ll cover specific tactics we used to understand the problem in all three of these areas, including:
  • An internal listening tour
  • JTBD interviews with customers
  • Analyzing data
  • Exploring the ways customers were hacking the product
  • Evaluating against competitor options
  • And more...

We’ll also discuss how we used that research to transform the product and its appeal… and the things we missed that created unexpected results.

About Kaela

Kaela Worthen has screwed up product management in just about every way possible—and learned a few things along the way. She's built startups from 0 lines of code to 100,000 users, worked at international juggernauts with 200 million users, and helped lead and scale tech companies in between in both the consumer-facing and SaaS industries. Before she found her true passion in product, she was a writer, editor, and marketer. Kaela is currently a group product manager at Podium, transforming the way business happens locally.

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