2018 speakers

Lauren Treasure

VP of Product

The strange alliance: Why building unlikely allies in your organization will win you a better customer experience

Product teams often view a customer’s interaction with their offering as limited within a set of product features. But to a customer, it really extends to the end-to-end experience with your entire brand — from acquisition ads, targeted emails and sponsored content, to the website, the software or physical product experience, and continued via support interactions. Consider how much better the customer journey is with a consistent experience across every interaction. But how do you make it consistent when all you can control is the UX in your product area? This presentation will provide a framework on how to build and maintain strong relationships with your counterparts across the organization, as well as real examples from my experience at Chatbooks and Ancestry.

About Lauren

Lauren Treasure is an experienced product leader and customer advocate. She has proven success leading teams through an iterative human-centered product design process that involves in-depth user research, prototyping, A/B testing, customer feedback and analytics. She is currently the VP of product at Chatbooks, where she leads the product, UX, and research teams. She started her career as a social science researcher in Washington DC, then transitioned into user experience research and product management. She has also led product teams at Ancestry, both in DNA and family history; and at Orca Health, a startup focused on providing mobile tools for healthcare providers to improve the quality of care.

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