2018 speakers

Leah Rader

UX Research Manager

Creating a new path to empathy & insights

Employees at Lyft are close to the passenger experience--we all take Lyft rides. However, fewer employees understand the driver experience. The Lyft driver app has a lot of screen flows/use cases that happen when a passenger is not in the car. These use cases are spread across many different teams! Due to the complexity of the driver experience and the lowered visibility of that experience, we started the Employee Field Testing (EFT) program to get Product Managers, Designers, UX Researchers, Engineers, Content Writers, etc into the drivers seat and directly experiencing the product in real time, on the road, across use cases. The insights generated from the EFT program have impacted product road maps and design priorities as well as increased empathy for anyone working on driver products.

About Leah

Hello. I've got years and years of examining interesting problems with a wide range of companies/industries. It's very fun and experimental--I enjoy how much there is to learn, always. I love this scribble I found in one of my old notebooks from e-lab: "Continuous discussion, equity in participation". To me, that means we all can observe, see interesting things unfold, share insights and build something wonderful together. I'm informal, playful, and anything can be an influence; I'm looking for critical thinking, humor, and openness in those I partner with in work.

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