2018 speakers

Maggie Crowley

Director, Product Management

Your product is only as good as your teamwork

Product managers and product leaders often focus on understanding customers as the secret to building great products. But that’s just the key to great ideas - the key to great execution is the team.

The importance of teamwork isn’t a new concept in building products. As product managers and product leaders we spend so much of our time thinking about our process, about how we frame problems, how we scope them, and how we tell stories about them so that we can get our teams motivated to solve them. But to do more than just ship products, to build a truly great product, you have to go further than just figuring out how to define the problem and why it matters for your team.

This presentation is a story about three people who launched two versions of the same product 10 months apart. It’s a story of how that team went from everything going wrong on launch day to building a best-in-class experience that launched smoothly, and how the difference in those launches was entirely due to how much better the team understood each other as human beings and coworkers.

About Maggie

Maggie Crowley is a Director of Product at Drift, where she works on bots and automation, and is the host of #Build on Seeking Wisdom, a podcast focused on how to build products better. She’s also an Olympian and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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