Margaret Lee

Leadership Coach
Previously UX Director, Google

It's alive! cultivating community & culture

The nature of culture is organically formed by the attitudes of the community; conversely, community is grounded in its culture. Community and culture are naturally occuring in any work environment, and can symbiotically survive without intervention. Given their influence on the health of our team, why not give it an assist? In this talk, Margaret will reflect on the evolution of Google UX since 2007, a period marked by tectonic shifts in technology, a rise in consumer expectations, and the individuation of UX as a discipline. As the UX Director for Google Maps for nine years, she experienced firsthand the throes of constant change and rapid scale, and saw the same for her peers across the company. In 2016, Margaret seeded UX Community & Culture, a program that tackles the challenges and explores the opportunities that tend to fall between the organizational cracks. She’ll share the practical insights that can help you steer a team or organization of any size toward a healthy and thriving team culture.

About Margaret

Margaret Lee is an experienced leader, mentor, and coach-in-training who is passionate about ensuring the human side of tech. Most recently Margaret was Director of UX Community + Culture at Google, a program she founded in 2016 to serve and empower the company’s global User Experience organization. Margaret also built and led UX teams at Google for Chrome, Search, and Google Maps. She led the Google Maps UX from its early days as a groundbreaking desktop experience, to an indispensable tool for navigation and local exploration.

Over twenty years in the tech industry has shaped her current commitment: creating conditions where teams can flourish and individuals can uncover their unique potential and leadership style. Margaret speaks and writes about her personal journey as a leader, and our collective responsibility to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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