2018 speakers

2018 speakers

Nate Barrett

VP of Product

Motivating product teams through a culture of autonomy

Product builders are driven by understanding and experiencing customer pain and building experiences to ease and remove that pain. We know our customers better than anyone in our organization. Unfortunately, many organizations have leadership that gets in the way with too much process and hierarchy. Learn how a culture of autonomy flips traditional organizational thinking on its head with a focus on product outcomes, servant leadership and bottom up thinking.

About Nate

Nate is currently VP of Product and Design at Canopy. He’s been in product management and design for 20 years building B2C and B2B products for billion dollar enterprises and broke startups. He’s found his greatest happiness in product is watching product teams succeed in solving hard problems through trial, error and all out passion for easing customer’s pain. Nate enjoys traveling, food, cycling, golf and embarrassing his wife and kids.

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