2018 speakers

2018 speakers

Stephen Olmstead

VP, Design Partnerships

Principles & practice

We live in a world where extremes are easy (and often praised) and balance is hard (and often seen as unglamorous). Many modern Designers and Product Managers find themselves aligning towards workflow extremes that are actually productivity traps. Ever found yourself pontificating over core principles while day-to-day projects fall dangerously behind? Ever become pre-occupied with your tools/systems only to find that you haven’t solved any real problems for your users at the end of the day?

In this talk Stephen and Eli will explore the balance to be made between these extremes. They’ll talk about how to detect warning signs of extremism, becoming aware of subconscious biases in your workflow today, and how to challenge established paradigms to drive to a healthier, more productive work day for both you and your team.

About Stephen

Stephen Olmstead is InVisions Vice President of Design Partnerships, where he works to shepherd strategic partnerships and customer experience efforts across the company. Stephen oversees product integrations, marketing partnerships, key relationships, strategic acquisitions, and more.

He spent the first decade of his career as an interaction designer and researcher leading non-profits, in-house, and agency design teams. He joined InVision in 2014 to pursue his obsession of honing the tools of the craft and optimizing design workflows. As an early employee, Stephen helped build and grow InVision’s design, research, product management, and customer experience teams before eventually moving on to helm the design partnerships team.

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