2018 speakers

Tanya Koshy

VP of Product

How We Used Fast Customer Feedback to Build a Product for Fast Customer Feedback

Desirable, Viable and Feasible. This is the criteria every team should consider when building a product. This was the mantra of UserTesting during the recent development and launch of Product Insight, a new application developed to help product teams build better products by leveraging rapid customer feedback. When we build products, we’re constantly refining our understanding of three key questions: who is my customer? what is their problem? what is the best, lightest solution I can build for them? This drives rapid validation & iteration cycles as we build.

To demonstrate our product development framework, we will discuss the creation of Product Insight to show how UserTesting used customer feedback to (in)validate early ideas, to scope an MVP based on our understanding of customer needs, and to get a product to market quickly. We will also give examples of how we shared our understanding of the three key questions throughout the product development lifecycle to bring our stakeholders & organization along. Attendees will learn practical tips for how they can successfully implement our product development framework to improve time to product success.

In this session, we will walk through how UserTesting develops:

  • Pragmatic ways to test and validate product ideas at every stage, from conception through launch
  • Ideas for sharing what you learn about your customers to build buy-in & alignment across your org for the products you build

About Tanya

Tanya Koshy is the VP of Product at UserTesting, where she leads the product strategy and vison for Usertestings suite of products to build better solutions for testing products to improve user behavior. Tanya helps product managers, designers and user researchers better understand their customers by building tools that will connect businesses with their customers.

Tanya has worked with reputable software companies sucha as Facebook, Google, and Groupon, among others.

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