2018 speakers

Thor Ernstsson


The incumbents dilemma: How large organizations are being disrupted by their own assumptions

What if everything you think you know about the market is wrong? Not that it was always wrong, but that it is wrong today. That is a very possible reality in todays ultra fast-paced world. The solution: disrupt your assumptions before they disrupt you.

About Thor

Thor Ernstsson founded and serves as CEO of Alpha (www.alphahq.com). Prior to Alpha, Thor co-founded and was the CTO of Audax Health, a patient engagement company that was later rebranded as Rally Health after a multibillion-dollar acquisition by UnitedHealth. Before that, Thor was the lead architect and studio CTO at Zynga working on the FrontierVille game platform. He is best known as a thought leader helping Fortune 100 brands with digital transformation, as well as for infusing a culture of experimentation into legacy organizations.

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