2018 speakers

Vlad Magdalin


Who will build the next million products?

Since the inception of the internet, the practice of bringing new products to market has involved an intricate dance between product managers, designers, and software engineers – so much so that thousands of companies and services have sprung up from making the interface between design and development more efficient. But what if we pause, take a step back, and ask ourselves: could there be a radically new way that we can approach creating products that will make it easier for 100X as many people to bring their product ideas to life? This presentation will explore the rich history of other creative industries (like 3D animation and digital publishing) to gain inspiration for how we can completely rethink and transform today’s product design and development practices.

About Vlad

Vlad Magdalin is the founder and CEO of Webflow, a company that is working on empower designers and entrepreneurs to design, build, and launch websites and applications without having to learn how to code. In a past life, he studied to become a 3D animator with dreams of working at Pixar, but happened to fall in love with the power of programming for the web midway through art school. Most days, you can find him on Twitter yelling into the cloud about how requiring people to write code is holding back our industry.

At home, he’s outnumbered by two unstoppable daughters and an amazing wife, who constantly remind him that there is so much more personal fulfillment in growing human relationships than there is in growing the business bottom line.

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