2018 speakers

Wade Shearer

VP, User Experience

Letting go of process and accepting controlled chaos: scaling a learning product organization

Great product teams are empowered with a vision; organized into co-located, cross-functional, autonomous teams; and motivated by autonomy, mastery, and purpose. You don’t hire the best and then tell them what to do. But how does that scale? How does autonomy work when there’s multiple autonomous teams that must work together?

No matter how innovative or proven your processes, structure, or techniques, they can’t be forced into place if they don’t fit the people. Every organization is different, every context is different, and every person is different. Your job as a leader isn’t building process, it’s building trust; and it requires patience. Your team must discover it and own it.

Understanding your team’s technical skills, operational proficiency, and emotional maturity is crucial as you slowly step back from what, through how, to why. Join me for the story of how Workfront’s international user experience organization doubled in size in one year, reorganized into cross-functionally-led portfolios, assembled a design ops team, produced a design system, embarking on a complete user experience overall of an 18 year old enterprise platform, and developed a culture of accountability, transparency, feedback, and recognition.

About Wade

Wade is a product and innovation leader, community organizer, and mentor. As Vice President, User Experience at Workfront, he is leading the creation of a modern work management platform that will enable individuals and teams to do their best work and achieve impactful outcomes. Prior, he built a customer success management platform that helps companies retain and grow their existing customer base, as VP, Product & Design, at ClientSuccess. He also lead product design and development of innovative home security, automation, and energy products as Director of User Experience at Vivint. Wade cofounded Front, an annual conference and training network for UX Designers and Product Managers. He also cofounded Product Hive, a volunteer-led community with over 5,000 members across 7 major US cities.

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