Peter Merholz

VP, Head of Design
Formerly Capital One

About Peter

Peter Merholz is a product management and design executive. Most notable for founding pioneering UX company Adaptive Path, he is currently leading product design at Jawbone. He believes there is no such thing as "UX Design."

Design Your Design Organization    ⟶

Size: 10-50   •   Length: 1 day   •   Price: $13,000

Subjects: UX, Leadership

As your design organization grows, and becomes more complex, strains and pains emerge. Designers are spread too thin and don’t feel good about the quality of their work. How best to work within cross-functional teams is unclear. Retention suffers as designers feel ineffective and their career growth isn’t being given sufficient attention. Recruiting and hiring practices aren’t filling roles quickly enough, leaving gaps throughout the organization. Design leaders can’t devote their energy to creative leadership as operational challenges take precedence. The user experience has lost cohesion as more and more isolated teams contribute to it.

This workshop provides a framework for shaping your design organization, and a roadmap for how it can grow over time. We will explore different organizational models for design teams, and how they relate to their cross-functional peers. We’ll look at key matters of skills, process, and design leadership to ensure that the team is only delivering high-quality output. We will discuss the stages of evolution for a design organization, and when it makes sense to bring in certain roles and practices, such as UX Research and Design Operations. And we will dig into matters of professional development and people management, with a focus on making team members feel supported not just in their work but their careers.

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Coach, Diplomat, Champion, Architect: The Complete Design Leader    ⟶

Size: 5-15   •   Length: half day   •   Price: $13,000

Subjects: UX, Leadership

With the rapid growth of design inside companies, there's been a concomitant need for design leadership. But design leadership and management (at scale) is new, and many design leaders are not equipped to take on the challenge. The struggle figuring out how to get the most out of their teams, collaborate with peers, and work with executives. They often revert to the skills that allowed them to succeed as designers, unaware that those practices are not going to help them succeed in their new role.

This workshop, which is run more like a facilitated conversation, Peter walks your design, research, and content leaders through a framework for practicing leadership, drawing on four archetypes:

  • Coach, managing down to get the most out of their team
  • Diplomat, managing across to create successful collaborations with non-design peers
  • Champion, managing up to productively engage executives and other stakeholders
  • Architect, leveraging themselves through creating systems and structures that enable scale

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