Sarah Doody

UX + Product Consultant
Founder, The UX Notebook

About Sarah

Sarah Doody is a user experience designer and product consultant based in New York City. She helps teams create products people need and love. She does this through user research, prototyping, and user experience design. Sarah also created her own course, User Research Mastery to help teams understand their users and make smarter UX decisions. Previously, Sarah created General Assembly’s first 12-week UX immersive program in 2011. Sarah is also the founder of the popular UX newsletter, The UX Notebook . Sarah is available for consulting and speaking worldwide.

Validate Your Product Idea

Size: 10-50   •   Length: 1 day   •   Price: $7,000

Subjects: UX, Product Management

Most products fail because the team didn't build the wrong product in the first place. How does this happen? It’s because we race to the “build” phase and focus all our energy on the product. If you truly want to create an awesome product, you have to understand the people your product will serve.

The best competitive advantage you can have is to understand your people, your audience, your potential customers better than everyone else. Your audience will guide you to the exact product you should create and how you should market it. And when you create a product based on research, you can even get people to pay for it before it's even built.

This working will help teams learn how to:

  • Do fast, affordable, and insightful use research to gather the information you need to build an effective product or service
  • Analyze user research findings to identify a tangible solution for the problems that your audience has
  • Walk through a simple step-by-step demo for building a high converting landing page
  • How to identify the specific product to build initially, your MVP, and not build something too complicated as your first version
  • Leverage email to build trust with your early prospects and keep them engaged while you build that MVP or first features.

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