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The industry is evolving and maturing at a rapid pace. Best-practices and new techniques seems to develop almost faster than we’re able to bring new products to market. As product managers and designers, it’s critical that we’re continually learning and refining our craft. Front is pleased to bring you public workshops, taught by the industry’s forefront thought-leaders and instructors, to help you grow or kick-start your career.

Join us again and again for new insights and experiences, throughout the year in major cities around the world. Each workshop will be kept to a small group of only 3-4 dozen. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. New courses, dates, and locations will be added regularly.

Scheduled public workshops

  • Certified Scrum Product

    by Jeff Patton

    New York, NY

    Sep 01, 2019

    Jeff Patton will deliver an honest, irreverent, and extremely useful 2-Day Certified Scrum Product Ownership course. This is a course with a deliberate and unapologetic product-centric and Lean UX bias. If you’ve learned Agile and Scrum basics elsewhere and felt that product and user experience concerns were missing, we’ll fix that.

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Upcoming public workshops

  • Introduction to Design Sprints

    by Richard Banfield

    Salt Lake City, UT

    Explore the basics of design sprints in this day-long workshop led by design strategy expert and author Richard Banfield. You’ll dive into the main concepts behind organizing design sprints, understanding customer pain points, and reducing bias, plus you'll get hands-on experience solving a mock problem in a small-group setting over the course of the day.

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  • Product Strategy

    by Gibson Biddle

    New York, NY

    This workshop focuses on helping product leaders and product-focused CEOs develop their company’s overall product strategy, and to define the product strategy for each “pod” or “swimming lane” within larger product organizations.

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  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

    by Vicky Thomas

    Boston, MA

    World-class product teams are greater than the sum of their parts—but how does that happen? Sometimes you’re lucky, and if you put a cross-functional team into a small room, they spit out magic. More often, though, product teams struggle to work together effectively, spending more time bumping into each other than actually building product. PMs, UX designers, and executives all try to drive definition, engineering isn’t brought in early enough, and QA sees a story for the first time when they test it.

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  • What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There

    by Nick Sloggett

    San Francisco, CA

    In this workshop, Nick will explore his wins, losses, lessons learned, and the framework that guides you to lead relationally - no matter your title or company. Expect to engage in discussion, activities, exploration around the enneagram, extreme ownership, relational empathy, organizational discourse, and true servant-minded leadership.

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  • A Culture of Curiosity

    by Sarah Doody

    Salt Lake City, UT

    Creating a consistent cadence of research helps equip your team to always be informed with the most recent insights they need to design the right solution, so you can avoid launching features people don’t use and the weeks of “re-work”. In order to create a cadence of research, it must be a part of your culture. And that can’t just be the job of someone with “UX Researcher” in their job title.

    In this workshop, you will learn how everyone on a product team can contribute to creating a culture of research, the types of research you can do each quarter, how to conduct smart usability tests, and what you can do to evangelize research on your team.

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