Aaron Fry

Associate Professor, Director
Parsons School of Design

Critical perspectives on, and the craft of, user-centeredness and user experience

Wednesday, November 2021, at 1:30 PM

In 1968, Martin Heidegger wrote a book called What Is Called Thinking?, in it, he discusses the character of thinking (as distinct from techne) as the bringing of the whole self to the way we inhabit our practices. Aaron highlights current understandings of Design Thinking as techne, or as process – offering a critique of it as a stand-alone undertaking.

Using the concept of craft (Sennet, 2008 as a questioning with no certain destination in mind in which engagement in the practice surfaces both solution and problem, Aaron leads an exercise to demonstrate how drawing and storytelling can lead participants toward different ways of understanding themselves and their users-as-citizens; their passions, pain-points and being as related to the world.

About Aaron

Born in New Zealand, Aaron Fry is an artist, designer and strategic design educator with twenty-four years of full-time experience in the design education field. Currently, he is concentrated on analyzing the role of design in 21st Century strategies for information visualization; both quantitative and behavioral at the intersection of design, business and the social sciences, with an emphasis on social justice. Aaron is the author of numerous articles, speaks regularly at conferences and workshops internationally on visualization, business education, and the role of design in financial literacy.

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