Amanda Smith

UX Director
AMC Health

UX & The Power of One

Thursday, 8 November 2018, at 8:30 AM

This workshop is a structured session to review an experience that supports the growth of a UX department within an organization through quantitative validation. This approach demonstrates an approach that can build a department into a holistic Experience Design Team that can support across many divisions within a company

About Amanda

Life is an experience and through all my experiences beginning in medical school, then design school and on into my career in UX, I finally found my purpose and place. Being able to listen, observe, gain understanding, and empathy for people takes time. There are so many challenges in this world that can be easily solved just by identifying with a person, and with ourselves. Whether the solution is small or great, to create memorable experiences is to create something that will have an impact on peoples lives and the world they live in everyday. My purpose and pursuit in this field is to create solutions and experiences that make a difference in peoples lives. Driven by curiosity, executed through creativity, and held together by collaboration. I am drawn towards meaningful and impactful design-thinking and strategies that work to solve problems and create change. My favorite place is in the space of ambiguity where exploring with my eyes wide open allows me to uncover any and all possibilities.

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