Barron Caster

Director of Growth

The 3x Conversion Playbook: Step-by-step instructions for Product Managers to increase customers and fuel their business.

Thursday, 8 November 2018, at 8:30 AM

Most PMs focus on building high-quality features. This workshop will demonstrate why that isn't enough in today's world of competitive products, and it will show you how to appeal to people through Growth and conversion principles.

During the workshop, you will learn through actual examples about how to improve conversion and take the growth mindset back to your product organizations.

About Barron

Barron is the Director of Growth at, where he has the pleasure of working alongside Andy Branch (Front co-founder). Over the past couple of years, he's built a world-class growth team that acquires customers at scale. In a previous life, he worked as a VC at General Catalyst and an operator at Zenefits. In his spare time, Barron writes about Growth and management, as well as advises and invests in early-stage companies. He is also pursuing a walking handstand in the next 12 months, although little progress has been made.

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