Bryce Barrand

Senior Director Product Management

Managing product through metric driven outcomes

Thursday, November 2021, at 1:30 PM

Don't come to this session if your organization has already achieved metrics excellence. This session is not for you, if you already know what to track, how to align it to company objectives and the best ways to communicate with executives. Finally, you won't be interested in this session if you already have great mechanisms for data driven decisioning, and articulating future work. If this doesn't quite sound like your organization, then there is probably something useful for you.

About Bryce

Bryce is Sr Director of Product Management at Control4, which is a leader in the smart home and home automation space. His home is decked out with all sorts of nerdy gadgets which suits him just fine. Previously, he worked at Marriott as a product manager on their innovation team living in Washington DC where he launched a home-sharing business to compete with Airbnb. He is currently enrolled at Georgia Tech pursuing a masters in Data Science feverishly doing homework on his nights and weekends. Lastly, Bryce prides himself on writing in the 3rd person and saying all those things you never really say about yourself when writing in the 1st person.

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