Chris Mayfield

Sr. Director of Product

Decision making with Data: How to make informed decisions without taking the human out of the loop.

Thursday, 7 November 2019, at 3:45 PM

As product practitioners we find insight through human centered practices. Many of these practices have historically leveraged qualitative methods. While there’s nothing new about balancing our qualitative work with quantitative data, we are each experiencing a rapid increase in data as well as an appetite to improve how we make decisions with it. In addition, all trends point to an increase in data collection, analysis and adding machine learning to our products all to improve the bottom line. How do we stay relevant in this new space of data and how do we not lose our human centered practices? This workshop will cover ways to skill up by adding to our data driven decision making tool box. We will get practice with different methods to help us identify, synthesize, solve for product needs as well as get buy in for our big ideas. Adding to data competency to our toolbox can get us more accurate synthesis, improved prototyping and ultimately a better way to gain the empathy we need to improve our products.

About Chris

Chris Mayfield leads the curriculum products for Pluralsight, an online subscription based education provider for the technology community. As leader of curriculum products Chris helps his teams build decision intelligence, workflow tooling, and skill building insights. Previously, Chris lead the data smarts efforts of pluralsight including, assessment algorithms, recommendations, behavior-based learning journeys, and other personalization efforts. Chris started his career as a user experience designer which has helped drive continual focus on user needs and ensuring each product is loved by it’s users. Chris enjoys leveraging the different disciplines of user experience design, product management and machine learning to create more meaningful products that help free up users time to focus on more creative endeavors.

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