Drew Bridewell

Design Specialist

The building, scaling, and evolution of a Design System

Friday, 9 November 2018, at 8:30 AM

Product design over the last years has taken a substantial leap forward in progress. We now have multiple tools to choose from for executing our solutions, along with a collection of new responsibilities that each one of us needs to adapt to stay current.

In this Workshop, join Drew Bridewell, Senior Design Specialist from InVision, as he shares a wave of packaged up fresh design system content that you’ve never seen before. He’ll walk you through how you can elevate your thinking around design systems, as well as the practice that goes into successfully implementing one.

During the workshop Drew will provide take-home worksheets that can help you throughout the creation and governance process of building systems. He’ll finish by providing you the best-in-class habits to nurture your systems over time.

About Drew

Drew collaborates, consults, and shares insights with companies across the world who are looking for best practices around tools, collaboration, and building design systems.

His goal is to empower designers, teams, and organizations across the world to build the worlds best digital experiences!

Drew also focuses on the people, the practice of User Experience Design, and the InVision platform.

Previously Drew was a design manager and lead designer at LinkedIn, where he focused on Learning Solutions like and LinkedIn Learning.

He also teaches UX on and LinkedIn Learning through his weekly series Practical UX Weekly.

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