Jason Mueller

VP of Product

Product Operations: The secret weapon for scaling growth

Thursday, 7 November 2019, at 3:45 PM

To build the right thing, it’s imperative for product managers to invest in ongoing discovery cycles with customers. But more often than not, the time we wish to invest with customers is cannibalized by the never-ending list of internal needs.

In this workshop, we’ll discuss an emerging and beneficial function within the product org, designed to free up time for PMs so they can invest more time with customers. The charter of Product Ops is to effectively manage internal requests, product communications, and inputs to prioritization. We’ll share and review templates we use internally on Product Ops to ensure alignment and speed up execution.

About Jason

Jason Mueller is VP of product at Pendo. Before Pendo, Jason spent 12 years as a product leader across various B2B and consumer companies including Eatsa, UserVoice, and Yelp. Prior to that, Jason co-founded MyFit, a venture-backed education analytics company that was later acquired by Naviance.

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