Jeff Potter

Director of Analytics

Voice of the Data

Thursday, 8 November 2018, at 3:45 PM

How can we use data to keep us grounded in a sea of shifting priorities and plans? How do we make sure we keep track of the customer while still building scalable internal processes? How do we focus on profit without destroying our people?

We will investigate the different voices in the data and apply tools and frameworks that can help you build amazing experiences. Will investigate the voice of the business, process, customer, and even some of the voices in our heads that make even smart people do dumb things.

About Jeff

Jeff is a Utah-born and Texas-raised software engineer who loves solving hard problems with technology, with business, and most importantly with data. He strives to learn ferociously, reorganize bits, and build people. Jeff is the Director of Analytics at, an Inc 500 boutique marketplace. Along with an incredible team, he oriented the business with evidence, built personalization algorithms, democratized data, and drove accountability to outcomes. Before working at Jane, Jeff worked as a software consultant building applications for social networks, startups, and even CBS. In his off hours, he enjoys spending time with his family, laughing at dad jokes, playing guitar, and thinking big thoughts.

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