Jeff Whitlock


Be Less Wrong: Mental Models for Product Decision Making

Thursday, 7 November 2019, at 1:30 PM

What features should we build? How should we implement them? When are they ready to ship?

Decision making is central to the job of every product leader. To be great product leaders, we all want to be right in every decision we make. But this isn’t possible.

We face too much uncertainty in our profession. Being wrong is inevitable. Furthermore, trying to be right all the time can lead us to defend our position and pre-existing beliefs.

Instead, we should try to be wrong less often.

This workshop will cover uncommon mental models (heuristics, frameworks, techniques, and thinking strategies) that product leaders can use to be less wrong. For each model, we’ll introduce the concept and then follow-up with case studies and exercises to practice using it to make decisions in your daily work.

About Jeff

Jeff began his career at McKinsey & Co., a global management consulting firm. He became a product manager at Vivint.SmartHome for a machine learning capability and then the redesign of Vivint’s consumer mobile app. He was then head of product at Safeboda, a series-B ride-sharing company for motorcycle taxis. Now, Jeff is the CEO and Co-founder of Unbird, a Techstars company with the mission of helping teams build products their customers love.

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