Matt Moss

Principal of Product Management

Research synthesis: Making sense of your user interviews

Thursday, November 2021, at 8:30 AM

Taught together with Lauren Gray.

So you’ve spoken with numerous customers, spelunked into your quantitative data, reviewed market and industry trends and now you’re ready to unleash your development team to build the next great thing.

But where do you start? How do you take all of that data and give your team enough confidence and empathy to build the right thing in an iterative fashion that proves value along the way?

In this workshop we’ll run you through a one-day synthesis exercise designed to give your team shared purpose around the value you’re trying to deliver and where you can start to validate that value for your customer. The session is broken into two parts, (1) Synthesizing and Identifying the areas of value, and (2) Applying Contextual Data to those areas to help ensure you’re thinking about the value across the customer's entire journey.

We’ll walk you through distilling all of the data you’ve gathered into actionable insights. Once we have the data distilled, we’ll run through the assumption framework to help us plot out impact and risk for our top insights.

After we’ve honed in on the top actionable insights, we’ll zoom back out to understand how delivering on the value we’ve identified could drive habitual usage within your existing application and what leading metrics would be early indicators that we’ve delivered the value we’ve intended.

About Matt

Matt likes to think he’s basically achieved the geek dream. He’s spent the last twelve years working at fast-growth SaaS companies and startups that he adores, while getting the opportunity to build amazing products that make a difference for their users. During that time, he’s led his teams through human-centered design practices to ensure a hyper focus on the end-user. Currently, Matt’s a remote member of the Practices team at Pluralsight, where he mentors and coaches Product Managers on human-centered design concepts and best practice.

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