Rayna Wiles


Researching as a facilitator

Friday, 9 November 2018, at 1:30 PM

Great research happens when you know why you're doing it and what you're getting out of it. You can lead stellar interviews, but if your findings can't be translated into actions your efforts will lie fallow.

This workshop focuses on the entire arc of a qualitative research effort. It will cover how to identify a need for research, what questions to ask to refine your goals, how to design activities, run sessions, synthesize findings, and apply them to your team's next steps.

About Rayna

Rayna is a designer-researcher by trade and facilitator at heart. As co-founder of the studio This That & the Other Thing, she advises leadership and production teams, providing visual synthesis, process development, and strategic experience design.

She previously led groups at the San Francisco offices of frog Design & Westfield Labs. Her multi-disciplinary teams uncover needs and drive product strategy using an empathy driven design research process. She is a proud alumna of Stanford University and currently resides in Salt Lake City.

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