Trae Winterton

Senior UX Researcher

Baking Research Cookies From Scratch

Wednesday, November 2021, at 3:45 PM

This workshop will go over the basics of research. Each of the following topics will be covered from an elementary perspective: Research Planning, Recruiting, Interviewing, Usability Testing, and Presenting Insights. All the ingredients you need to start getting the customer at the center of your product development. This will be hands on and dialogue based, not a lecture. Come ready to participate.

About Trae

Trae is currently operating as the Sr. UX and Product Researcher at Workfront and has been for two years. Prior to that he was a UX Researcher at Nav, which was his first formal Researcher job. Informally he learned how to comb through behavioral data sets for patterns as an Operations Analyst for He approaches research from a business perspective, believing that making the best product for the user is in the businesses best interest in trying to reach it's objectives. He loves complex problems as he finds the challenge stimulating.

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