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Front was built around the idea of sharing ideas and helping one another learn from other people’s experiences. Attending the Front Conference you’ll get to meet and learn from people that have been building digital experiences for years. You’ll learn how others are solving problems, celebrating successes, and building cultures of creativity and innovation.

We believe product management and product design play a central role in the success of a product. We believe we need better, smarter people to lead product. We believe in human relationships and learning from each other through examples. We believe in kindness, generosity, transparency and a willingness to share.

Team Structure and Growth
Bring your team and meet others working in your industry and have opportunities to help each other grow.

Learn from leaders
Listen to leaders in our industry that are making the biggest impact and working with high performing teams.

See new perspectives and be inspired
See the problem from a different perspective and learn from those that might not be close to the issues you’re dealing with.

Personal Improvement
Learn ways that you can advance in your career through soft and hard skills that will help you compete in this competitive tech industry.

Product leadership skills
Learn not only how to be a part of a team but how to lead. You’ll learn how great product teams function and how you can too.

Dedicated deep dive
Focused time away from your desk allows you get out of your own head and look at things with fresh eyes.

2019 Attendees

In it's 6th year, the Front UX & Product Management Case Study Conference and Workshop Series are sell-out events, with 800+ annual attendees from 8 countries and 34 states across the US. While focused specifically on UX, product management, research, and leadership, anyone involved in product discovery, delivery, is encouraged to attend and will leave with a wealth of insights and skills. The conference talks cover the range between basic and advanced topics, providing valuable insights to both students and seasoned professionals.

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Including Austria, Brazil, Canada, Nigeria, Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Africa!

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Case Study Conference

In it's 8th year, Front is a sell-out event, with a 1,000 annual attendees from across the country and around the world. Join us at the Front to share, learn, and be inspired to create amazing products.

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