Workshop Schedule


There are three workshops per time-slot. Workshops are not assigned or pre-selected, allowing you to choose those that interest you most or adjust as your schedule requires. Workshop may fill up fast so we encourage attendees to arrive on time.

November 2, 2022

  1. 5:00 PM

    Early registration

  2. 5:30 PM

    Roundtable discussions

  3. 7:00 PM

    Opening reception (light refreshments)

November 3, 2022

  1. 7:30 AM

    Registration and breakfast

  2. 8:30 AM

    High-Performance Product and Design Playbook

    Product Leadership Fundamentals: Find, Develop, and Keep Your Team Healthy

    Rapid User Research & Usability Testing

  3. 12:30 PM

    Hot Lunch

  4. 1:30 PM

    How to Establish and Maintain a Design System

    Be Less Wrong: Mental Models for Product Decision Making

    Protecting Our Research from Ourselves: Optimizing Research for Creative and Empathic Decisions

  5. 7:00 PM

    Networking dinners

November 4, 2022

  1. 7:30 AM


  2. 8:30 AM

    Tackle complexity with object-oriented UX

    The Balance of Market Opportunities & Customer Driven Innovation

    Removing "Luck" from Product Bets

  3. 12:30 PM

    Hot Lunch

  4. 1:30 PM

    Creating product vision from scratch

    How to Craft a Winning Product Strategy in the Era of AI

    Leading and operating your design org

  5. 5:30 PM

    Hi-fives and goodbyes

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