Building the Right Thing - Even When You are Told No

Brian Christensen
April 28, 2023

All Product Owners have been given competing directives regarding the direction we want to take our product. Often the immediate needs outweigh the long term strategic growth of our products. Over time this can lead to full-time support of a legacy system no one wants to maintain leaving little to no time available for refactoring let alone new development. Is there a solution to this problem?

This is the exact situation I faced when I was hired at USANA. My development team was stuck, monitoring a legacy system while wanting to build a better system using the latest and greatest technologies. This presented a bigger problem however as my team is responsible for the commission payments to all of USANA’s associates around the world requiring constant update to respond to executive requests and international laws. In sum, more obstacles were presented making the problem grow more ominous and seemingly impossible to overcome.

I derived a creative solution that would check all the boxes while providing my team the time and resources to press ahead making our product the flagship it is today. "

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