How to survive as a designer or PM in the era of the algorithm

Chris Mayfield & Bhavika Shah
April 24, 2018

Algorithms are all the rage right now and are showing us ways of creating products that are more empathetic, useful, and engaging. Learning how to take advantage of this new superpower to solve your next big idea can exciting but where do you start? What makes a good fit for data science and what do you do as a designer or product manager to get it going? We will be recounting our experience with leveraging data science and machine learning in our products and share tips on how to do it well.

About Chris

Chris Mayfield is a VP of Product at Pluralsight, user experience practitioner and design leader. Over the last 15 years he has worked for corporations, non-profits and start-up environments. In each case there has had a passion for solving problems using the principles of user centered design. He leads cross functional teams including designers, product managers and engineers. He has made using technology to help change behavior for good a focus and passion.

Previously before working at Pluralsight Chris helped create Welbe, a disruptive technology that helps connect organizations with employees favorite wearable fitness devices. Welbe is the first ever corporate wellness platform that uses realtime wellness intelligence enabling employers to influence real behavior change. Chris resides in Syracuse, Utah with his wife Michelle and his four daughters. His passions are fitness, nutrition hacks, photography and travel.

About Bhavika

Bhavika is a product manager at Pluralsight where she works on the Pluralsight IQ product. She loves building products that help people learn technology more effectively and using data to build a personalized learning experience. Leveraging her experiences as both a product analyst and user researcher, she enjoys blending quantitative and qualitative methods to inform product decisions.

Prior to her product roles at Pluralsight, Bhavika held client-facing roles at Smarterer (acquired by Pluralsight) and General Electric, after completing the GE Commercial Leadership Program. Bhavika holds a Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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