Amanda Kozlowski Stanley

Fractional Head of Product
Sound Products NW

Product Validation

Case Study Conference Speaker
Workshop Instructor
November 9, 2023

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned enterprise PM, kickstarting a brand-new product idea can feel like a catch-22. Gathering customer insights is crucial, but high-value feedback is hard to come by without a tangible product. You're stuck not knowing where to focus your engineering efforts or how to secure resources without validated customer interest.

Join our interactive workshop where you'll learn customer research and rapid prototyping to validate your product idea without writing a single line of code. Swiftly confirm or disprove your assumptions through low-cost, high-velocity testing so you can keep moving.


  1. Customer research essentials: Learn to collect, interpret, and leverage customer insights to fine-tune your product vision.
  2. Bringing ideas to life: Transform abstract concepts into tangible prototypes using no-code tools.
  3. Validation techniques: Discover methods to test assumptions and spot pitfalls before major resource commitments.
  4. Iterative design: Refine prototypes through multiple rounds of user feedback.

By the end of this workshop, you'll have:

  • Skills in customer research for identifying user needs
  • Hands-on rapid prototyping experience
  • Strategies for efficiently validating product hypotheses
  • Insight into refining concepts based on feedback
  • A ready-to-use template for future product validation
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Amanda is co-founder and head of product strategy at Sound Products NW, where she partners with founders and business leaders to build and test product ideas that are deeply rooted in customer needs. She specializes in zero to one product development and productizing services offerings.

In addition to stints in product at Starbucks, LivePerson, and several early-stage startups, Amanda has led strategy and innovation projects for private- and public-sector organizations on five continents, including former President Jimmy Carter and the CEO of one of Germany’s largest conglomerates. She lives in Seattle, where she spends her time outside of work coaching kettlebell sport and adopting French Bulldogs.

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