Bentley Wilson

CEO & Head of Product

Innovation vs Execution: How to turn a product vision into reality

Case Study Conference Speaker
Workshop Instructor
April 28, 2023

Product teams today are great at innovating, but after you validate a new feature for your user base how do you reliably take that same, envisioned, value through your engineering pipeline all the way to delivery for your end users? More often than not, what is delivered to your users is not consistent with the value you originally validated with them - often leading to a lack luster response and seldom actually delivering the value you initially set out to provide.

How to execute on a product vision is one of the most important and impactful skills you can learn as a product leader.

Join me as I delve into my journey with product delivery and learning to work with engineers to deliver on the vision and value that customers expect.

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Bentley Wilson is Co-founder and CEO of Cardagraph - a product delivery management tool for software companies. His background is in product development and engineering. From his early career working in small engineering teams as a front-end developer to working as a project lead, Bentley has always prioritized a lean product management mindset and delivering value to end users.

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