UX & Product Management Case Study Conference and Workshop Series

10-13 November 2020 • Salt Lake City, Utah


Build better teams. Build better products.

Join us this Fall, in Salt Lake City, for four full days of dedicated time away from your desk, learning better ways to work together with your team and for inspiration in growing your career in UX and Product Management. Creating amazing products requires more than brilliant ideas, meticulously crafted interactions, and cutting-edge technology—it requires a fanatical focus on users and a commitment to producing something that is both useful and desirable. It requires cross-functional teams that listen, iterate, and learn.

Together with nearly 1,000 other professionals, you’ll learn from top talented practitioners, influencing the organizations they work for and changing the way our industry looks at digital products and the way people use them. Select 4 half-day workshops, for 2 intense days of learning and practice. No passive education here; we work together in small groups of six, where you’ll be expected to collaborate and engage. Each workshop is planned for only 50 students and taught by internationally-recognized, industry-leading professional coaches and trainers.


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Learn, connect, and share

We believe product management and product design play a central role in the success of a company. We believe we need better, smarter people to lead product. We believe in human relationships and learning from each other through examples. We believe in kindness, generosity, transparency and a willingness to share. We've created a mix of topics, some practical, others aspirational/inspirational, some aimed at more junior folks, some at the mid-level, some at leadership.

Our goal is to provide an environment that allows industry professionals to gather once a year and share the experiences that have helped them build better products and progress individually.


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In it's 6th year, Front is a sell-out event, with 800 annual attendees from 8 countries and 34 states across the US. Join us at the Front to share, learn, and be inspired to create amazing products.